Caring for Gemstones

Alluring and exquisite, gemstones have fascinated people since the ancient times. These treasured accessories attract attention due to their varied colours, shape, and brilliance. What makes them so precious is their rarity and natural toughness. But if you think that gemstones do not need any kind of care due to their tough nature, then you are mistaken. These sparkling stones may have high resistance but they are not indestructible. To maintain the beauty and sparkle of your gems and gem-studded jewellery, you have to treat them with care. Here is a quick guide about how to care for your gemstones and maintain their beauty.

Caring for Diamonds

When clothes fade, you don’t have to think twice about replacing them. When your handbag starts showing signs of wear and tear, you start looking to buy a brand new one. But jewellery is an entirely different story. Like everything else, even diamonds can lose their sparkle with time. Even though diamonds are the hardest substance known to us, they can chip at the edges. If you are not careful, they may even fall out of the setting thereby making a piece of ornament practically useful. However, if they are well maintained, your diamond pendants, bangles, earrings, and rings can look brand new for years. Just as we help you find the perfect diamond jewellery, we are also here to help you take care of your diamonds. Here are a few tips.