An Original Natural Premium Best Quality Peridot Stone (বেস্ট কোয়ালিটি বার্মিজ পেরিডট পাথর) from Myanmar (Burma)

Peridot Stone (Burma) – 7.95 Carat

৳ 83,475.00

An Original Natural Premium/ Best Quality Peridot Stone (বার্মিজ পেরিডট পাথর) weighing 7.95 carats (8.82 Ratti/ 1.59 Gram) from Myanmar (Burma). (Price With Vat – ভ্যাটসহ দাম)



Name: Peridot
Weight: 7.95 Carats
Color: Green
Origin: Myanmar (Burma)
Shape: Oval
Cut: Faceted
Clarity: Transparent
Luster: Vitreous
Quality: Best

Mineral Class: Olivine
Identification: Natural Peridot Stone (পেরিডট পাথর)


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