10.80 CTS. Tanzanite Stone Ring – তানজানাইট পাথর

A very Rare and Special type of vivid blue color Original Natural Best Quality Tanzanite Stone (তানজানিয়ান তানজানাইট পাথর) weighing 10.80 carats (11.988 Ratti/ 2.16 Gram), only found in Tanzania. (Price With Vat – দাম ভ্যাটসহ)

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Name: Tanzanite
Weight: 10.80 Carats
Color: Blue
Origin: Tanzania
Shape: Asscher Mixed
Cut: Faceted
Clarity: Transparent
Luster: Vitreous
Quality: Best

Mineral Class: Zoisite
Identification: Natural Tanzanite Stone (তানজানিয়ান তানজানাইট পাথর)


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